Recent News

  • Chris won the New Jersey Center for Spinal Cord Research Fellowship, Congrats!
  • Skylar is awarded Biotechnology Training Program Fellowship!
  • Hudifah, Letao, and Yixiao all won 2018 Professional Development Fund for Teaching and Graduate Assistants!
  • Chris won the 2017 Van Dyke Award, Congrats!
  • Letao won 2017 SGS Travel Award!
  • Jeff is awarded Biotechnology Training Program Fellowship!
  • Dean has won 2016 Reid Award!
  • Prof. Lee has been promoted to Professor. Congratulations Prof. Lee!
  • Chris is awarded Biotechnology Training Program Fellowship!
  • Nick has successfully defended his research thesis. Congratulations Dr. Pasquale!
  • Dean is awarded NSF EAPSI fellowship and will be doing research at iCeMS Kyoto University for the Summer!
  1. Letao, Dean, and Chris’ Manuscript Accepted in Nature Communications: “A Biodegradable Hybrid Inorganic Nanoscaffold for Advanced Stem Cell Therapy”, Nature Communications, 2018
  2. Dr. Lee, Letao, and Dean’s Manuscript Accepted in Advanced Materials: “Nondestructive Real-Time Monitoring of Enhanced Stem Cell Differentiation Using a Graphene-Au Hybrid Nanoelectrode Array”, Advanced Materials, 2018
  3. Dr. Cho’s Manuscript Published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces: “Magnetic Oleosome as a Functional Lipophilic Drug Carrier for Cancer Therapy”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018
  4. Dr. Cho’s Manuscript Published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics: “Selective Isolation and Noninvasive Analysis of Circulating Cancer Stem Cells Through Raman Imaging”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2018
  5. Chris and Dean’s Review Article Accepted in Theranostics: “Advanced Gene Manipulation Methods for Stem Cell Theranostics”, Theranostics, 2017
  6. Dean, Letao, and Yixiao’s Review Article Accepted in Nano Covergence: “Multidimensional nanomaterials for the control of stem cell fate”, Nano Convergence, 2016
  7. Prof. Lee’s Collaboration Paper Accepted in Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts: “Effects of a nanoceria fuel additive on thephysicochemical properties of diesel exhaustparticles”, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 2016
  8. Jinping and An’s Manuscript Accepted in Chemistry – A European Journal: “Development of PhotoactivatedFluorescent N-Hydroxyoxindoles and Their Application for Cell-SelectiveImaging”, Chemistry – A European Journal, 2016
  9. Shreyas and Ani’s Review Article Accepted in Accounts of Chemical Research: “Nanotechnology-based Approaches for Guiding Neural Regeneration”, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2016
  10. Perry and Shreyas’s Manuscript Accepted in Biomaterials: “Stem Cell-based Gene Therapy Activated Using Magnetic Hyperthermia to Enhance the Treatment of Cancer”, Biomaterials, 2016
  11. Shreyas’s Collaboration Manuscript with Prof. Kalodimos Accepted in Nature Chemical Biology: “Cyclophilin A Promotes Cell Migration via the Abl-Crk Signaling Pathway”, Nature Chemical Biology, 2016