Opportunities at KBLEE group


Postdoctoral positions are available in the Department of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers University. We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a proven research track record and expertise in nanomaterial synthesis and its applications to cancer and stem cells. Our group research is very interdisciplinary and focuses on developing and integrating nanotechnologies and chemical approaches to modulate the genetic elements and signaling pathways in cancer/stem cells for control their specific behaviors such as proliferation, migration, differentiation, and apoptosis. The successful candidates will work in multidisciplinary, interactive environment with chemists, engineers, and biologist. Qualified individuals should have a Ph.D and experience in molecular and/or cell biology, biochemistry, applicants with nanomedicine expertise will be welcome as well.
Interested parties should send (1) a statement of purpose and (2) CV including publications and arrange three letters to be sent
via e-mail to: kblee(at)rutgers.edu

Graduate Students

  1. Come to our group meetings (Saturday 10:00am/Rm 260)
  2. Talk with group members
  3. Read published papers from KBLEE group
  4. Set up an appointment with KBLEE

Undergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate research opportunity is open for all science and engineering majors
  • Must commit at least two semesters (18 h/week during the school year, 40 h/week summer or winter break research)
  • Send an email with CV and set up an appointment with KBLEE.